Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My new favorite movie...

This is the perrrfect movie to watch on a date night or something! Seriously.


This is the face I made when Jarrett first asked me to watch it:


But I really don't watch a lot of movies and it takes a lot to keep me entertained for two straight hours--and I can safely say that this movie kept me interested.

I'm really growing to love and appreciate Michael Cera as an actor. He's cute, lovable, and effortlessly hilarious.

This movie will make you fall in love with him I guarantee you. If you love music I recommend this movie as well. The soundtrack features one of my favorite bands, Metric, the producer of Radiohead, as well as Beck. If you are unaware of any of the bands/people I have mentioned--then I invite you to expand your musical vocabulary and check them out! Look, I even provided links!

No but seriously check this movie out; it's worth watching. Watching a guy duke it out against his lover's past exes not only makes for good comedy, but maybe it'll teach your guy a thing or two about romance!


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