Thursday, May 28, 2009

Guy's Love B.J. and Girl's love Johnson!

You know, I really miss the old Betsey, her collection from Spring 2004, when Pamela Thompson was a major contributor. My favorite aspect of the collection is the tank top printed with the Betsey Johnson Slogan: "Guy's love B.J." Supposedly there is a counterpart tee that says "Girls love Johnson," how clever!

Anyway today I went into the store at Perimeter today and found out that this shirt will be coming out again for the Fall 2009! Yes! Here are my favorite pieces from the collection that I like to reminiss on!

Betsey and Wyclef Jean.

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Monday, May 18, 2009


Not once, not twice, but THREE times celebs have been spotted wearing this Betsey original. The lovely striped and polkadot combo sequined tube dress is adorable on all three celebs: Meaghan Jette Martin ,Rihanna, and Lil Mama.

♥Look 1 is a bit SAFE for my taste but still adorable.

♥Look 2 is flawless, I'm not IN LOVE with her music, but I can't deny Rihanna's style; she's got good taste.

♥Look 3 is definately of Lil Mama's tendencies, and I feel she really owned it with her accessories. It's fun, unique, and shows her style ideal. I give her my vote for who wore it best.

What do you guys think? Who wore it best?

Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Betsey you didn't know...


♥doesn't Blackberry?! In an article she states: "I don't go online - and I can barely work a cell phone - and then I lose them all the time. I don't email, I don't BlackBerry. "

♥has a twitter account

♥does a cartwheel at the end of her fashion shows!

♥was a cheerleader and still has her uniform! she describes it as: "My white pleated shirt and my old Syracuse "S" sweater."

♥is a breast cancer survivor

♥has a facebook. AND actually responds to fans! ( i learned from experience)

Monday, May 11, 2009

Betsey Johnson: Mystery Sales...

Guys, Betsey lovers...I have a SECRET to share with you....

NEVER BE AFRAID TO WALK INTO BETSEY JOHNSON because you're on a BUDGET!! I walked in wth my grandmother on a random day and there were no sale signs, no ads, not even many customers shopping inside, but guess what? Everything in the showroom was 40% off that day.

So I ended up making three purchases and this is what I picked up:

-Betseyville Pan Flats, $89

-Polka Dot Bow, Flip Top $95

I ALWAYS get compliments on this thing! :)

-Betsey Johnson Gwen Wedges, $125

These are super chic and SO COMFORTABLE!! :)

Betseyville @ Journeys Shoes!!

I love the low heel on this particular pair, Pauline. At the low price of $89, you can't ask for a better steal! I would pair these with a pretty pink mini dress!

So Betsey's everywhere, including Journeys Shoes!


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