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Hey, welcome to the must reads page. This is just a list of a few books I found enjoyable and decided to share with you! I'll update it as I find insightful reads. Enjoy and happy reading!

How to win friends and influence people by Dale Carnegie
pictureof a pumpkin No this book is not for the socially retarded. Instead, it offers expert tips and advice for how to get your way with others. Yes, its a mind fucking guide. Surprisingly, after the first chapter of this book I learned way more about myself than other people. You will too, I guarantee.

Falling out of Fashion by Karen Yampolsky
pictureof a pumpkinThis quick and girly read follows the life and times of a an aspiring journalist. The bulk of the book covers her experience with the fast paced and catty editorial world. The unconventional and lovable proagonist encounters many speed bumps and even few mountains as she battles maintaining her own magazine.

Style by Lauren Conrad

Yeah, stylistically she can be a bit of a bore but this book is surprisingly insightful. She gives great tip and examples of closet staples and ways to update your wardrobe periodically. The last few chapters on beauty were sort of unnecessary since her hair is typically the same and her make up mediocre, but its still worth adding to your library! Go Conrad. Yes, I'm a fan of The Hills.

Brave new World by Alduous Huxley

This classic novel had my eyes growing wider and wider with each turn of the page. The futuristic story of a seemingly perfect emotionless and intimacy-less utopian society seems great until someone catches feelings. Immerse yourself, you won't regret it.


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