Wednesday, July 21, 2010

FEFE in Bet-SEY. :)

Yeah so I was totally inspired for this post from one of my old HCO employee homees. SHOUTOUT TO LA'BREE TINNEY!! :)

One of my favorite artists, Fefe Dobson, apparently loves my favorite designer!

Ok so you may be like some people I've talked to and say: "Who the heck is this FEFE chick?" Well, honestly, in my opinion Fefe is sadly underrated. Everyone says she was swagger jacked by Rihanna--but I'm not even going to speak on that because I love Rihanna too! (even though she is an ex-long-weave-wearing-non-dressing-beyonce-wannabe-turned-rockstar). AND--I'm pretty sure Fefe sported the star tats on the neck wayy before Ri-Ri, but whatever. :) Anyway, Fefe is awesome because she ACTUALLY seems genuinely comfortable in her skin. Lyrically, I will admit she's a bit elementary--but it works nonetheless. I think it's her voice that draws me in; it's kind of girly hardcore.

Rihanna--eh. I just see her as trendy--but I still love her to death though! I mean, most rockstars don't have to make tracks proclaiming their "rockstar-ness," do they? (Hence the track, Rockstar from Rihanna's Rated R).

Here is Fefe rocking the vampire sweater dress!

While you're at it, check out her latest video. It's totally cute. "Watch me GO,Go,GO,GHOST...."(excuse me, its stuck in my head lol).

here is the video:

Here is an acoustic version (live):

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I'm creating a word. Sure am.

It's BETSEY-ESQUE. It can also be spelled Betseyesque, but I think Betsey-esque is more pleasing aesthetically.

Definition: (adj.) An item (particularly clothing) that "looks" youthful, vintage, over-the-top, and FUN!!

Usage: This top is SO Betsey-esque :)

Take a look at this top; I totally love it!

AND: You can put any color tank underneath. They just put a white one under it.

I really hope it doesnt make me look preggo, though. :-/


What to rock it with:
-Simple Flats or Pumps
-Keep jewelry SIMPLE


Yo I don't know if its because of this:



But--THIS Betsey dress sold out like crazy!!

I saw it online a few days back, and I went into Betsey trying to cop it during the "buy one get one free" period--AND IT WAS only available in PETITE! I guess she just recently added it back to the site. I'm tryna cop it ASAP. If you want it--you should get on it now!


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