Wednesday, January 5, 2011



Oneof my new years resolutions was to start writing on this thing everyday, even if its one line.

Well clearly...

I've already effed up. smh.

Anyway, the other day on the radio I was listening to this song, I think it was like one of those songs with PITBULL yellin in it, you know, I forgot the name of it but I was STRAIGHT JAMMIN until I heard this line and I just got really pissed. He said:

she was worth the money.

I was like WTF???
No. dude, no. If this sounds like one of those feminist-doublestandard-having-rants, or a complaint-from-a-part-time-conformist-party-hopping-college-student....I DONT CARE!!

The phrase just played over and over in my head....she was worth the money?

Seriously. What thee hell...

The degradation with equating a female a HUMAN BEING, with the value of a car, home, or some other inanimate just disgusting! I was genuinely surprised at how much it bothered me, but I rode on home in SILENCE.

I mean, I dont go out and purchase my friends and then at the end of the day kick my feet up and say..."gee, she/he sure was WORTH THE MONEY...all that lovely advice she/he gave me and all the time she/he spends with I work hard everyday at work just so I can BUY me some her/him!"

I mean, I know in this instance the song is referring to a male paying for RELATIONS and not necessarily a RELATIONship...but much easier would that whole process be if you got to know a person and the person actually wanted to give you relations in exchange for MERE companionship?! Amazing thought huh? I mean then you could spend your money paying a bill or even paying child support!


I mean come ON it really that painstaking to develop real relationships with people????

Says the girl that can probably count her friends on one hand.

Well, I guess it is pretty hard.


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