Tuesday, January 11, 2011

SNOWED IN: The Game in my Brain

I don't want any snickers from Northerners that say 2 inches of snow isn't "snowed in." psshhh....if I can't drive my car I'm snowed in damn it! We Atlantans dont know anythingg about SNOW; this was apparent when a car almost hit me Sunday!

but enough about that

Since I've been stuck in watching re-runs of "The Game" for like two days straight...I've realized the power of images.

After watching The Game[my favorite show] I...

am inundated superficial thoughts.

I suddenly want a rich husband that plays football.

I suddenly get a stronger URGE to hurry up and turn 21 so I can sip wine on the daily.

I replace my excitement about being natural with with a [maybe-I-should-just-cover-it up-with-a-weave-like-them-so-I-can-snag-a-rich-husband?] mentality.

lesson learned:
Watch what you [watch.]; it can become you if you let it.
After all, images create thought, and thoughts provoke action.

ah well.

Can't wait to watch the new season tonight 11/11


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