Wednesday, January 12, 2011

He don't love these hoes, but they love him.

Ok so my bf doesn't watch the game but I've been a die hard fan since the beginning and I got him to watch it tonight...

The biggest part of the show that he identified with was TI TI's girl and the Malik affair.

I have to admit. When I saw Ti Ti's chick I thought she was one of the eclectic-intellectual-feminist-perhaps-NON-CHEATING-types...but I guess I was wrong because she WILLINGLY wanted to mess with Melik's womanizing ass??

WHY??? lol....

Is it the thrill of the chase?
The thrill of getting away with it?
I mean come on, she didn't even get an hourly salary like Malik's stripper "Flap Jacks" from last season!!

I was so hurt, man. Doesn't she know Malik "doesn't love these hoes?"

With that said, I was wondering if you ladies [and/or] gents feel like women always want the player, regardless of the good guy in front of them, because I think I too have been guilty of the whole i-want-a-guy-that-doesnt-give-two-shits-about-me syndrome too.

How can we fix this? Or am I just insane?


  1. I say we want the bad boy because he's never 100% attainable. So there's always something there for us to run after. You want to be the one to tame him but he'll always be ellusive unless he chooses not to be. You want to be that ONE woman that he'll settle down for because only you have that power over him that he's weak for but again, in my opinion he'll change when he pleases. Or some women just don't care because just like him, she's out to have fun.

  2. @Guyanesesista I totally agree with you; it makes so much sense! The thrill of the chase is indefinitely pleasurable.

  3. Yep. We only hear about men loving the thrill of the chase but women like it too.


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