Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Need for Hair-oes.

In case you didn't know...I've been having a hair warfare since 2008....




I had a sincere NEED for hair-roes.

In his essay "The Need for Heroes," Langston Hughes informed [us] that heroes are not always famous, and they are not always the people we like to deem most significant. They are not always in the forefront.

After I decided to embrace the natural texture of my hair [circa 2008], I realized that I needed a hero. I needed a hair-o.

Seriously when I get down and out about my hair especially when I'm trying to detangle it, I go stalk natural hair photos to remember once again why I sought out the journey. I'm gonna share some of my inspirations.

Mop Top Maven


I've been stalking her blog for a while. Seriously. When she doesn't have new content I get angry. The LA based blogger/hair guru has a ton of hair health care tips and ingenius DIY projects too! She's undeniably inspirational to any natural interested in strengthening her tresses.

Lexi with the Curls

She's an awesome blogger with natural hair tips, advice, and a lovely set of curls atop her head! Check out her blog: Curls, Coils, and Kinks!

Model: Jordan Richardson

Artist: Janelle Monae

Model: Sabina Karlsson

Teyana Taylor

Reader Question: Do I have any natural hair onlookers that care to share some ways to cope with natural hair sad days?

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