Friday, January 7, 2011

How to FALL in love...


1. Don't Cheat

2. have the desire to fall in love

3. Be Open. (not in the thighs though, not yet).

4. Find a common ground. And tread confidently.

5. be encouraging

6. go on DATES (NOT chill at the crib). do this regularly.

7. listen to music together, and analyze it. (yes, this can be fun).

8. Meet each other's friends and family, and dont be judgemental.

9. Send random flirty, genuine, text messages.

10. Don't cheat.

11. Research the other person's zodiac, and try your best to prohibit any of the predicted clashings from occuring.

12. Be OK with the fact that someday you WILL "open up shop" for this person...

14. Don't Cheat ;)


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