Monday, January 31, 2011

8 things to do with old glossys

I'ma magazine JUNKIE. Something about holding the latest month's shiny concoction of photos and blurbs makes me feel so...wonderful.

But what on earth do you do when you've got mounds of them? Now worries, I'm compiled a comprehensive list for you!

1. make a personal style collage highlighting your favorite items(this can assist greatly before aimless shopping trips)

2. make an inspiration board (filled with images that inspire YOU!)

3. Frame gorgeous images and mount as decor (this is such a cheap and chic way of glami-fying a dull room. (You can even buy cheap poster frames from target.)

4. shred/tear the pages and use them as shipping paper

5. roll it up and spank your puppy when he poops in the house

6. save a few in a trunk for your children or future generations (I wish my mom had saved some retro mags from back in the day. That's be so tight, right?)

7.laminate them and make a wallet/coin purse. remember the kool-aid jammer purse epidemic? if not click here

8. periodically rummage through back issues for content/prompt ideas for your personal blogs. If you're anything like me, you're always on the prowl for new site content!

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